Donate materials


How do I Donate Household Items to The I.D.E.A. Store?

The I.D.E.A. Store will accept many home or domestic items, as long as they are properly washed and clean, safe, and non-toxic. If you have a question just call! If you have something you don’t see on the accepted item list linked below we may very well want it…but just haven’t thought of it yet! Give us a call at 217-352-7878 during our open hours and we will respond!

Remember, we have two entrances to our building! If you have heavy items or more than one box, please use the loading dock side of the building. There are just a few stairs there and it is SO much easier! Drive around to the north side of the building. Check the map to the right to see what the north entrance looks like.

Accepted item list (resumes June 1, 2016)

Our normal accepted item list is available in a PDF format here.

We may be full right now on the following items: bubble wrap, calendars, CD and DVD cases, used crayons, Easter eggs, egg cartons, regular mailing envelopes, file folders, gift boxes, jigsaw puzzles, file folder labels, Mardi Gras “bead” strands, craft markers, medicine bottles, used pencils, non-refillable pens, plastic items, ribbon, folded road maps, stencils, tissue paper tubes, transparencies, trophy parts. Please call the store in advance about these items if you have a quantity of something you wish to donate.

donations“I love having a place that takes detritus from civilization; all the stuff that is interesting but may not have obvious uses. As an artist, I like knowing that these things may have another life.”
-Dianna Visek, donor