Donate and Support Our Big Move

What’s the BIG Idea? We’re relocating to Lincoln Square Mall this fall into a space more than twice the size of our current location! We’ve secured the space, we’ve got the plans, now we just need to raise the funds to fix up the space and get the equipment we need to make our BIG Idea a reality!

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This BIG move is going to allow us to:

  • Move, expand and beautify our store (and add another register!)
  • Keep more reusable supplies out of the landfill
  • Bring more educational programming to our community
  • Inspire even more artists, craftspeople, and creative entrepreneurs

To make it all happen and get open this fall we need to raise all the funds needed by September 30th. If you love the Idea Store, if you believe in our mission, now is the time to help us fund it’s brighter, bigger future!

Idea Store Move FAQ

Our Mission: The Idea Store is a nonprofit organization that fosters creativity, environmental stewardship, education, and community through reuse.

Q: When is the move?
A: We plan to open at the end of October. The store will be open in its current location until that time.

Q: Why are we moving?
A: We have outgrown our current space, and our lease is up at the end of this year. The Lincoln Square space is larger and more accessible to a wider segment of the community.

Q: What will change in the new space?
A: We will have more retail space, so there will be a wider variety of merchandise available for purchase. We also plan to re-introduce educational programming in mid-2019.

Q: Why are the store and the foundation separating?
A: The foundation and the store have been working together on the separation for the past year. The foundation will be able to place all its focus on promoting excellence in our local public schools, while the store will have the opportunity to expand our mission and reach in the community.

Q: Where does the money go?
A: All of the money generated by the store supports our business operation and allows us to collect and process materials along with offering community arts and environmental education. Our fundraising efforts allow us to expand our reach and provide more services to the community.

Q: How can I help?
A: To help with the move, fill out a volunteer application or email . We’ll get in touch and schedule a time for you to help out.

To help financially, write us a check at the register, round up your purchase to the next dollar (or more), or go to the Donate online. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to be informed of upcoming fundraisers.

Click here and make your donation today!

Why Support The Idea Store?

Every day, vast amounts of our precious resources are used and then immediately thrown away.  Then, we replace them with new materials and they are disposed of and it happens again…and again…

Buying discarded wonderful stuff and reusing it can start to change all that. There is an endless array of creative and not-so-creative ways to reuse so much of what we just throw away!  And, by donating your home and industrial discards to The Idea Store, your good stuff turns into valuable material for our greatest resource – CREATIVITY!

thank you