Our Planet


So what’s the Big Idea?  

Every day, vast amounts of the Earth’s resources are sold as products for our use. Large or small, in our homes, businesses, or factories-everywhere! And when we use them up, or find we don’t or can’t use them all, we may just throw them away. Sometimes we wash, repair, repurpose or recycle these products, or just kept them in our closets because we wish there was something else we could do with all that stuff. Each time we reuse, we’re delaying or eliminating the need for new products.

Let’s choose the “Reuse Stream” instead of the “Waste Stream” each day. It all adds up! The Idea Store offers a clear and fun way to keep the good stuff out of the waste stream for use in our everyday lives. Participating in our little project-either as a customer, donor or volunteer-is a way that you can help give no-longer-needed items a new life outside the landfill.